Spring 2022 Sascy Cycling Challenge! 


Join us!  CRUSH your cycling goals, AND get a chance to win prizes! 


In our month-long, virtual challenge you set your OWN goal, join our leaderboard on bikereg, follow along with Facebook group check-ins, and GET ON THE BIKE!!!


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This challenge is for ANYONE who identifies as a woman and rides ANY kind of bike.

There is no set number of miles, minutes on the bike, or anything like that.

You can ride outdoors/indoors, on a road bike, trainer, Peloton…literally ANY kind of riding counts!

YOU get to set your own goal that is right for YOU! You can track your rides/mileage on the leaderboard, hang out in the Facebook group, follow along in the Strava club…really ANY/ALL of the above!


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Here’s What Other Awesome Women Have to Say About Sascy Cycling Challenges


“Stacy is so encouraging and everyone in this group is so encouraging! All the encouragement and structure has helped me ride more consistently. I love seeing other cyclists’ photos from all over the country and all over the world and getting to share my photos and receive such positive feedback.
I appreciate that Stacy shares her thoughts and articles on body image and body positivity. There is no one size or shape that a cyclist should be!
I also really appreciate that Stacy shares some of what she is teaching her students about history and race. As a person of color, this has made me feel more comfortable and accepted in the group.” -Vivian: NY, NY

“This group is really somewhere special, a place to find support, motivation and like minded women. The best bit? When you are down, feeling flat, lacking motivation, you’ll always find a kind word, wisdom and moral support. Everyone is pulling together to help each other meet their goals. This group has helped me so much, I really hope everyone finds as much support as I have.” -Vicky: Yorkshire, UK

“It got me back on my bike. Even though I didn’t ride as much as I was hoping to when I signed up, it motivated me to start riding again after a really hard winter and spring. That, in turn, motivated me to take a lesson. My coach for that lesson suggested I try some racing this summer. I now have goals and motivation I didn’t have previously, and it’s mostly thanks to this group giving me the push to get back on my bike and Stacy’s kindness in reminding me that I didn’t need to bike for hours or tons of miles; I just needed to get on the bike.” -Claire

“This group especially Stacy has been so encouraging! I would recommend this group because of their consistent unending support. From No judgement, realty of life happens kind of attitude to uplifting and encouraging words of support knowing that most of us are already hard on ourselves. This group inspires each other to reach our goals in a diverse amount of ways where anyone is sure to feel included. This group is amazing!” – Pam: Xenia, OH


Want more details?  Check our our FAQs below!



What is the Sascy Cycling Challenge?

The Sascy Cycling Women’s Cycling Challenge is a fun and exciting way to stay on top of YOUR cycling goals.  We will have daily accountability check ins in our private Facebook group  (Sascy Women’s Cycling) , and work together to keep our legs spinning!

How Does the Challenge Work?

We will be tracking our progress virtually on BikeReg in terms of mileage, elevation, and time on the bike.  There will be badges along the way, and you can set whatever goal you choose for yourself!  The idea is that there is something for everyone here, and a way to challenge yourself no matter what your “skill level” on the bike!

It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride, if you ride indoors/outdoors…all that matters is you RIDE!

Not sure what goal to set/how to set a cycling goal? I’ve got you!

Check out this handy article entitled “HELP! I Signed Up For a Women’s Cycling Challenge…Now what?!” 

The Sascy Women’s Cycling  Group is where we will be checking in, socializing, and posting pics of our rides.  Additionally, I will post tips and articles on how to stay motivated and engaged.  Check-ins in the Facebook group will be daily but they aren’t mandatory. You may check-in with the group as little or as often as you like!

Finally, there will be PRIZES!

Prizes will be raffled off in a Facebook Live in our Facebook Group at the end of the challenge. There will be multiple ways to enter the raffle that will be announced in the Facebook Group as the challenge rolls on!

What on earth is Sascy Cycling, Anyway?

Hi! I’m Stacy , and I created Sascy Cycling to help motivate and encourage women who love cycling to also love their body. Here at Sascy Cycling we focus on what our body can DO, not what it LOOKS like. Some of us are interested in improving our bodies and losing weight, but we do it from a place of love and appreciation of where we are at right now. 

We are an amazing community of supportive women who love to ride, and love to offer support!

Join our email list and you will get a free road cycling checklist, as well as handy cycling and motivation tips sent right to your inbox!

For more information please check out our about page!  For awesome cycling and motivation tips please also check out our blog, here!


How Much Does the Challenge Cost?

Our challenge is absolutely, positively, 100% FREE!  There is no cost to participate! 

We do ask that you consider donating to our favorite non-profit, Bikes Fight Cancer, but that is COMPLETELY optional.

Bikes Fight Cancer is a cycling team that raises money every year to fight cancer and ride in the Pan Mass Challenge.  100% of your donation to Bikes Fight Cancer goes directly to supporting cancer research at the Dana Farber Institute.  There is a handy donation button on the BikeReg registration page for the challenge, so please do consider donating if you are able!  Because, you know, cancer TRULY sucks.


Do I Need to be a Hardcore Cyclist to Join the Challenge?

No!  Absolutely not.  Honestly, I would say most of us are casual rides who just want to spin our legs and have some fun! We have beginners as well as seasoned riders in this challenge.  This challenge is open to all women who want to ride a bike!  We are excited to support EVERYONE!

Does it Matter if I Ride Indoors or Outdoors?

Nope!  You can ride indoors, outdoors, or some combination of the two.  Ride a road bike, a mountain bike, an e-bike, a peloton, a spin bike, on an indoor trainer…any way you get your legs spinning is welcome in the challenge.  It doesn’t matter WHAT you ride, all that matters is that you RIDE!

Does it Matter Where in the World I Live?

Not at all!  Our challenge is virtual and is open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Do I have to Join on BikeReg and join the STRAVA Club?

You only are required to join us on BikeReg, link your STRAVA account, and/or join the STRAVA club if you would like to be considered for prizes for top elevation, mileage, and time on the bike. If you just want to be a part of the Facebook group and join in the fun and camaraderie there and enter the raffle in other ways, that’s totally fine!

The group is really what it’s all about…it’s where we motivate, encourage, and hold one another accountable. And the group is not just for the duration of the challenge!  We continue to stay together and motivate one another long after the challenge ends.  Besides…in the Sascy Cycling Motivation and Accountability group there is always another challenge on the horizon!

How Do I Upload My Cycling Data to Bike Reg?

In the registration process you will be prompted to link your data via STRAVA.  Once you join the Challenge there is a button in the middle of the BikeReg page called “Enter Data” where you can go to set it all up. You do have to initiate the sync with STRAVA periodically by going to the “Enter Data” page.  It will then send you an email that prompts you to sync your STRAVA data with BikeReg.

I linked my STRAVA account to BikeReg and it said it was successful, so why don’t I see a STRAVA icon next to my name on the Leaderboard?

If you did not choose the option to have a link to your STRAVA profile on the leaderboard, there won’t be a STRAVA icon there.  The icon is just a link to your STRAVA profile so others can find you on STRAVA.  Your data should still upload without a problem!

Help! I Have a Different Question!

Send me an email at [email protected]  I am happy to help you out, and will be thrilled to hear from you!